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Why Use Our QRidg Code Tracking Generator?
1. Our qr code tracking generator can make qr codes that you can track.
2. Our qr code tracking generator can create reports to track your qr codes.
3. Our qr code tracking system will let you manage your qr codes in a private.
4. Our qr code tracking generator will let you change the destination URL.

Track Your 2D Code Marketing – Now!

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to extend your business reach with QR Codes or Microsoft TAGs. If you already know what they are, you know why you need one, and why you need to track your progress! QR code generator –    Create dynamic-QR-code-generator –

Create, publish and manage dynamic QR Codes with stats QR Code Analytics website Platform QR Code / is a platform that allows the development of professional solutions based on the use of QR codes.

Easily create qr codes

Manage groups and campaigns

Powerful analytics

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The platform QRidg extends the scope of the QR-Code ®, created originally to track goods in the field of marketing, as a link between the world of off-line communication of traditional and new digital media and interactive.

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We support all phases of the project: generation, integration into the production process, tracking and analysis, management of the mobile site.
The advantage of using these codes is that they can store a lot of data, including website addresses (URLs), geo coordinates and text, SMS, Social Media Address.

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One popular application for the QR code is on a business card. All someone has to do is scan the QR code on your card and your contact information will be automatically stored in their phone.

Include a giant QR code with the billboard image

Implementing QR codes into advertising. With the impact of new technology on marketing,

“I feel that, eventually, QR codes will be a part of our daily lives when it comes to advertising.QR Code Billboard 300x1981 Platform QR Code Being the first in this area to take the leap with interactive print was what created the buzz,” says Marco P, director of marketing

The new wave of advertising is revitalizing print media. A recent Nielson study suggest that by December 2011, more than half the cell phones in the U.S. will have smart technology. With the capability and breadth of access for interactive marketing, more companies are opting to use QR codes.

Retailers are including them in catalogs and print ads in magazines.

QR codes can even be found on cereal boxes.
With QR gaining momentum and recognition, the frontier of marketing seems to be rife with innovation.

A account allows you to track when users scan your code, what kind of device they used, and even where they were when they scanned it. Download your code in multiple image formats, change code content over time, export detailed reports, and more!

QRidg QR Code Solution is an online platform that allows advertising agencies and businesses to create multiple mobile campaigns complete with dynamic QR codes and custom micro-sites with analytics and reports. Every client can create effective mobile campaigns that call their customers to action with streaming video that links back to a custom and interactive micro-site.